Our Services

Our commitment to service, integrity and assisting our clients achieve financial freedom is your guarantee…


Finance and Mortgage Clients
We specialize in finding the best load  to suit your individual needs and circumstances.

We  have access to a wide range of lenders and are committed to providing the best loan products on the market.

A critical factor in achieving loan approval is how it is presented to the lender. We understand how to present an application  to achieve the best outcome.

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Australian Commercial Property Investors
We understand that everyone is different and we are committed to working with each of our clients in an individual way. This starts with obtaining a very clear understanding of your current position as well as your goals.

The services we provide include:

  • Initial meeting to determine the type of commercial property, preferred locations, price range
  • Keep a watch for suitable commercial properties for client
  • Carry out initial research of viability of the investment
  • Analysis of financials
  • Initial inspection of commercial property
  • Due Diligence including inspection, comparative sales information, arrange building inspections of the property
  • Arrange surveys and valuations as necessary
  • Oversee the review of contract and lease documents
  • Liaise with Real Estate Agent
  • Arrange submission of offers and or attend auction on clients’ behalf
  • Negotiate on behalf of client with vendor or agent of the property
  • Liaise with financier or carry out financing as required


Helping our Clients Build a Residual Income
We understand the importance of residual income and work with our clients to build an income to support their lifestyle goals.