Our Clients Say..

Property Investor

Ivan, your support of us achieving success in our property investing has been immeasurable.  Factoring your fees into the equation, we have still managed to meet an outstanding cash-on-cash return on all nine commercial acquisitions that you have been involved with over the last 11 years.

You are pioneering an incredibly valuable service that anyone who has a busy life will find necessary.  What many people find most fascinating about our arrangement is that I personally inspected only two of the nine buildings before we purchased.  The other seven properties were purchased based entirely on your recommendation and the due diligence you carried out.

While we were living in the United States this approach, along with the trust and working relationship we have allowed me to be an active investor while not physically in Australia.

I recommend you to friends and associates on a regular basis.

Peter Johnston (PJ)
Director, Persephone Investments Pty Ltd


Property Investor and Businessman

Running a significant business with staff and contractors as well as my family commitments means I have limited time to research property investment opportunities outside my local area.

Meeting Ivan Price has allowed me to venture into Commercial Properties across the other side of Australia.  I have 3 Commercial Properties that Ivan found for me. The first one was purchased in 2005 and I inspected that. The subsequent purchases were in 2006 and 2010 and for both of those properties I left the inspection to Ivan.

Ivan researches the properties, makes sure the numbers make it a good deal and meet my criteria and then recommends them to me.

I am very happy with my properties two of which had long term leases in place on purchase.

Ivan gives excellent service, follows up queries and makes sure things are on track for timely settlements.  It does not matter that he is on the other side of the country.

I would recommend Ivan Price and Professional Wealth Solutions to others wanting to enter the Commercial Property market if they have limited time or understanding of the market.

Mark James
Managing Director, Base Plumbing



I am more than happy to write a testimonial for Professional Wealth Solutions.

I first worked with Ivan Price when he was a principal of a financial planning practice in Perth.  That was in 1987 soon after the stock market crash when he helped me reorganize my investment portfolio and finance structure.

A few years later I shifted to the UK where I have lived for the last 15 years. At that time I handed over the management of my Australian business affairs to Ivan.

Working with someone for almost 20 years I think speaks in itself of the regard I hold for Ivan and his organization.

The late Ted Grindley
Tyndren Pty Ltd


First Home Buyer

We would like to thank Ivan Price at Professional Wealth Solutions for his help with assisting us with a Mortgage for our fist home.

Ivan was extremely professional, patient and understanding throughout the mortgage process. He was always a pleasure to deal with and extremely efficient. He would always return calls immediately and has a way of explaining things in a very simple manner.

He worked very hard to enable us to settle earlier.

We would recommend Ivan’s service to anyone who wants to make the process of buying a house a very straightforward and pleasurable experience.

Yvonne and Alex Kelly

Property Investor

Ivan, I lust wanted to thank you and compliment you on the professionalism you showed. Before visiting you I was unsure about what direction we were going to take being an active Property Investor. Putting it plainly I could not see the forest through the trees.

You were able to take a long term perspective on our current situation however keep in mind our short term problems also. Being aware of what we wanted from the meeting and what was best for us and not directing us to what was most beneficial for you as I have found with other financial planners. You gave us unbiased advice toward Property and Trading however kept us aware of any Tax implications and Structures we would need in the future and what is currently required which was a huge saving in itself.

After dealing with Financiers myself for close to 10 years with what I had learnt through trial and error not really knowing when the wool was being pulled over my eyes. I was impressed with the finance structures we implemented and the products that were available through different lenders which both saved me in interest repayments (compared to whom I was previously financed through) and also freed up capital for me to now further invest. I previously thought I had come to a halt with further purchases for property but now I am motivated to buy again thanks to your knowledge and experience.

I have found that there are not any Financial Planners out there that meet the requirements of active investors and be able to highlight what is working most successfully and how to over come current obstacles whilst still being active with investing. I found that your experience and knowledge as an active investor and of the markets extremely valuable. We are clear about what direction we are going to take and how we are going to create our wealth!!!

I highly recommend you to anyone.

David Finau, Brisbane
Property Investor

Property Investor

Dear Ivan,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your services in securing Striker’s first two commercial investment properties. Your knowledge of both the property investment market and of the funding markets makes you an invaluable partner in the wealth building process.

The amount of time and effort you spent in finding and organizing the investments is greatly appreciated. You always acted in a professional manner in all your dealing and were always available and approachable whenever I needed to speak with you.

Despite being located at other ends of a continent I felt that you were as friendly, helpful and readily available as anyone in my location. I never hesitate to recommend you to friends and family and I look forward to employing your services in my continual process of building a financially secure future.

With sincere thanks,

Zsolt Bircsak
Striker Investments Pty Ltd


Home Buyers

We purchased our first home together in 2007. Ivan Price of Professional Wealth Solutions arranged our loan. Our situation was a little “outside the box” as Philip had always been self employed and Therese was working on contract. We obtained a Lo Doc loan and Ivan very skilfully pulled the documentation together for us.

Since that time Ivan organized the loan to be refinanced as a Full Doc loan in order to reduce our interest rate.

Ivan is a pleasure to work with and made the process understandable and easy for us.

We would recommend Ivan and Personal Financial Planners to others.

Therese Black and Philip Mann


Home Buyers

We highly recommend using Ivan Price as a personal broker. We found Ivan to be kind, honest and sincere and  we were impressed with him from the very first meeting.

He was a pleasure to work with and we found him to be very different from other people or banks we had originally been dealing with.

My husband, being a self employed sole earner meant we were knocked back a few times from other lenders. Ivan reassured us and worked very hard to get the best suitable loan for us. His hard work and on going support had finally paid off once he found the best lender for us, and we couldn’t be happier now we are in our new beautiful home.

Thank you Ivan, we couldn’t have got here without you! We will recommend you to everyone we know.

Chris and Marnie Bancroft

Property Investors

Ivan Price organized the refinance of our home in 2004 to enable us to have a line of credit with the view to purchasing investment properties.

We initially purchased a unit in Sydney which we renovated and sold.

We then purchased a residential investment property in Northern NSW. The flexibility of our line of credit made it easy to sell one investment and enter another for which Ivan also organized the finance.

Ivan helped make the process easier, often suggested alternative ideas we had not thought of and always answered any questions we had promptly.

He is professional and at the same time friendly. We would recommend his service to anyone looking to optimise their finance arrangements.

Julie and David Poxon.