Loan Products

As independent, accredited mortgage consultants, we have access to a wide range of flexible loan products from both major and alternative loan providers.

We specialize in structuring loans to suit individual needs and circumstances.

We Cater For:

  • Residential property loans – owner occupied and investors
  • Australian Commercial Property
  • Refinancing
  • Lines of Credit/ Equity Loans / Non-conforming loans
  • Business Finance / Debtor Financing / Equipment Financing
  • Leasing/ Hire Purchase/ Chattel Mortgage
  • Short term working capital for business
  • Development Property Loans

Borrowing to Invest

Looking for the best investment return on your own capital can be greatly enhanced by borrowing/gearing. We are referring to a positive income stream not negative gearing.

Even in times of appreciating property prices we have always cautioned against negative gearing and that caution is amplified in our current economic climate. By gearing we mean borrowing – but having a positive cash flow.

Finding the right loan can be a daunting task for new and even experienced investors. There are a number of players in the industry including bank and non-bank lenders, mortgage managers and brokers.

A good mortgage broker will know how to present your application to ensure you have the best chance of having your loan approved.

Most of the mortgage products promoted in the media are designed for the person purchasing their own home or at best investing in only one or two investment properties. For those who are, or intend becoming, serious investors it is critical that your finances are structured to optimize your individual situation.