Commercial Property

Commercial property offers a number of benefits when compared to residential property…

Our Australian commercial property service is designed for people who wish to invest in Commercial, Retail or Industrial Property.

To find Commercial Property investment opportunities  requires expert knowledge and contacts. Some of the best deals come our way via an established net work of agents and developers, giving our clients opportunities that may never get to the open market.

Current Trends

In the current economic times it is not easy to find a high return on any investment.

It is still possible to get a return of 7 to 9% on a commercial property however these properties are rare. You have to act quickly  to be a successful buyer.

The location of the property is very important. Not so many years ago areas supporting mining were very lucrative and then with the downturn in mining that changed.

Another key factor for commercial property investors is the viability and strength of the tenant’s business.