Professional Wealth Solutions

Professional Wealth Solutions is a family owned business  offering a combined 80+ years of experience in business, accountancy, financial planning, mortgage broking and marketing.

In these uncertain times it is more important than ever to be proactive with planning how to accumulate your wealth.  We can provide you with customized, innovative solutions.

Professional Wealth Solutions offers expertise in loan strategies; including mortgages, investment and business finance. We also specialize in finding Commercial Property investments for clients and can help you to build a residual income.

Your path to financial freedom can be enhanced by the two services we offer our clients. These services are:

  • Financial Solutions/Loans,Mortgages and Business Finance
  • Commercial Property Acquisition

Financial Solutions/Loans, Mortgages and Business Finance
We have access to a broad range of finance options to suit individuals, businesses and investors in both commercial and residential real estate. We specialize in structuring loans to suit individual needs and circumstances and have expertise in working with complex business structures.
Commercial Property Acquisition
We offer a very individual service where we source Australian commercial investment properties for clients.  This is designed for those who wish to invest in Australian Commercial Property but do not have the time or the knowledge or perhaps the confidence to source and secure properties. – read more
At Professional Wealth Solutions we have combined backgrounds in accounting, financial planning and business which enable us to draw on varied skills to provide solutions.